Where to find us

We are excited to announce that our products will be available in a selection of Checkers stores 


We have offer companies the unique opportunity to use our manufacturing and packaging facilities

Who are we

The company operates as as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of canned and pouched food products.

Exclusive Products

Custom products are developed for new lines which include ready meals and shelf stable cans foods.

Who are we

Established in 2006 African Savannah Products (Pty) Ltd is a privately owned Company which is run by a father and son management team and operates as a meat, vegetable and fruit canning facility.

Krystle Pate Products
Krystle Factory 1

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Krystle Factory 2


We are looking to enter into a long-term business arrangement with a major retailer, which would allow us to increase our volumes and create sustainable employment opportunities for the community in our area. We are focused on employing mainly women and youth and have an excellent environment for training and to build skills in our industry.

With 15 years of experience, we are positioned to become a formidable supplier of locally manufactured products directly to the retailers.

Say hello

Get in touch with us for more information on products, manufacturing, partnerships or unique services. We are more than happy to provide any information that will help us grow as a corporation. 

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